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Find 5 ways to say PLAY IT SAFE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 1. Involvement in a sport, amusement, or any form of recreation, esp. an activity other than that in which one is usually engaged as an occupation.

Safe play meaning

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3. This answer is not useful. Show activity on this post. It is definitely a more informal/conversational phrase than you'd want for a business website. Also, I'm not sure it would be accurate for what you want to describe. 'Play it safe' either means 'cautious' or 'not daring' e.g.

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(0) (idiomatic) To take a cautious, risk-free approach. Deciding to play it safe, he joined his father's accounting firm rather than pursue an acting career. verb.

Safe play meaning

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Safe play meaning

Golden showers, a form of piss play in which one partner pees on the other, are a quite common kink. So who is into them, and are they safe?

(cautious/careful) Play it safe definition is - to be careful and avoid risk or danger. How to use play it safe in a sentence. The USTA is committed to making every tennis experience an enjoyable and memorable one.
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Safe play meaning

Sedan 2015 har Riksbanken sänkt räntan så att avkastningen på spararnas bankonton har blivit obefintlig. 2015-04-01 "Play it safe" is a fixed expression meaning to avoid taking risks, doing what is normal and considered safe. Play it safe and wear your seat belt. Sometimes “play it safely” is used to express the same meaning, but it is not as common as the first one.

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Definition of play it safe. : to be careful and avoid risk or danger I decided to play it safe and leave early so that I would be sure to arrive on time. A safe word is a word you and your partner designate ahead of time to actually mean STOP during the play. So, maybe during use “grandma” or “giraffe” to mean “stop” while you’re acting out a Find 5 ways to say PLAY IT SAFE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. ‘The results so far show that women prefer to play it safe than to take risks with their money.’ ‘I'm the kind of person who would rather play it safe and lose out than risk everything and have a chance at winning.’ Definition of PLAY IT SAFE in the dictionary. Meaning of PLAY IT SAFE.
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Safe play meaning

That's all. Anders Holmberg · @SVTHolmberg. Gäst i #30minuter på onsdag är @​jimmieakesson. SVT Play 19.00, SVT2 21.45.

However, while it is unnecessary to swing for the fences with every life decision, playing it safe as your standard decision-making practice is actually the most dangerous thing that you can do with your life. Renew Safe Play The Safe Play compliance process consists of a three-step process that includes online training, accepting the USTA Safe Play Policy and a background screen. To maintain Safe Play compliance registrants must renew all three steps either annually or biannually. Definition of play safe in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is play safe?
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Good enough for now, safe enough to try. by Caspian

play it safe definition in English dictionary, play it safe meaning, synonyms, see also 'chronicle play',double play',fair play',foul play'.

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What is play safe? Meaning of play safe as a finance term. Play safe definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!

to be careful and not take risks: 2. to be careful and not take risks: 3. to avoid any risks: . Learn more. play it safe. # safe , fear.